Unusual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Birthday Party for Kids

Birthdays are a pinnacle event for children. It’s where they get to have a fun time with all their friends and family. And every year, the parties seem to get bigger and better.

Here we explore the quirky and unusual birthday party ideas for kids to help get you inspired: 

Become a secret agent for the day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to place a team of avid future secret agents in a room together? Well, now you don’t just have to imagine it! 

Here at Exciting Escapes, we offer a unique children’s birthday party package like no other! 

Our unforgettable parties are perfect for ages 6 – 13 and are available to groups (teams) of six or twelve. Led by our fantastic in-character ‘spymaster,’ your kids are in for an hour of adventure, thrills and mystery. They will need to find clues, solve puzzles and simply have fun! 

All of our packages last for 2.5 hours. This includes a one-hour game. Followed by an hour to sit back, relax and natter about all the discoveries they made while chowing down on all the party food, drink and cake they can manage. We’re flexible too – we can provide catering for you, or you can bring along your own! 

Do you think your kiddo is up for the challenge? Speak to us today to arrange your child’s most memorable birthday party yet! 

Invite Mother Nature into your home 

For all the animal lovers and inquisitive minds out there, why not bring a slice of nature into your home? Specialist companies can bring everything from spiders to snakes, lizards and small mammals to your kid’s birthday party. 

With opportunities to hold most of the creatures and find out all there is to know about each one – this is a fantastic way of helping your child to feel comfortable around different animals, all framed by their special day. 

Not only does this unusual birthday party idea have an educational element, but there will be numerous photo op moments to make the memories last forever too! 

Scavenger Hunt

Simple, affordable and flexible, a scavenger hunt party is a great way to get everyone involved. You can set a theme – pirates, princesses, superheroes etc. – so that your kid’s party can go to the next level. Whether you set up shop at your local woodland or park or keep things super local at home, you can really let your imaginations run wild on this one! 

Make sure each clue leads each group to the next one so that no one (young or old) gets caught out. Leave small prizes at each stage for the team who cracks the clue first, followed by a grand prize for when everyone comes back together at the end of the hunt. 

Junk modelling

Calling all recycling enthusiasts! Now’s your time to shine. Kids love to create new things. And like all early years teachers know, placing a big box of “junk” on the table will get their creative juices flowing. 

Make sure you save things such as:

  • Loo rolls and cling film/foil rolls 
  • Cardboard, cereal boxes
  • Plastic bottles (various sizes) 
  • Milk bottle tops 
  • Plastic trays 

Set up a few easy-wipe tables with a creative station on each one – paints, glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and more – and you’re off! 

Back garden carnival

Rio de Janeiro, eat your heart out! The carnival is a vibrant, musical extravaganza, and it’s coming to your own back garden. 

Divide your back garden into playful zones, with a specific activity in each one: mini golf, pin the tail, ring toss, sand play, painting, design a carnival-inspired mask and more. 

Line a few makeshift stalls around the edge serving all the treats from delicious cheesy quesadillas to popcorn and candy floss, and you’re in for a winner! 

Pottery and paint party

If your child is the creative type, why not book them in for a pottery and paint party? Each child leaves with their own mini masterpieces when their session ends, after spending a joyful couple of hours painting and decorating! 

Perfect for small parties, each child can choose from pre-made pottery pieces to decorate or make their own. 

Home cinema

Roll up, roll up! Welcome to the retro cinema. 

While the golden age of cinema may be a thing of the past, there’s something magical about an at-home screening. Whether you use a projector or large TV, children will be wowed by the experience from start to finish. 

Send out tickets rather than invitations so each child can play their part too on entry. Give out play money so that they can “spend” it at your homely kiosk, complete with popcorn, pop and sweets. 

Bean bags are a good backup choice for seating if you have limited space. Don’t forget to schedule an old-fashioned intermission so that toilet trips aren’t forgotten!

Favourite character party

On theme and fulfilling all of your child’s character-related dreams, this one is perfect for bookworms, film lovers and daydreamers! 

Whether your kid is obsessed with Paw Patrol, Marvel, Harry Potter or My Little Pony (you get the gist!), you can create a whole birthday party based on their fave character or franchise. Everything from the cake to the party invitations is covered! 

Add on some extras such as face painting, and activities inspired by the film or book character, and you’ve got yourself a winning formula. Feel free to invite guests to dress up or include a photo booth area with a chest of outfits and props for them to choose from. 

Who said children’s birthday parties had to be boring? With so many unusual ideas to choose from, your kid will have their best birthday ever! 
To make your kid’s birthday extra memorable, book one of our children’s birthday parties for their most unforgettable party yet.

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