10 Things You Didn’t Know About Escape Rooms


Did you know that not all Escape Rooms are based in one room? That although they seem impossible, you can actually win?

With the Escape Room industry booming, few of us know what they are. We may be familiar with the concept, but what makes them so thrilling? What happens when you get inside? 

Believe it or not, Escape Rooms are structured around fun! Interactive and immersive, Escape Rooms are designed for you and your team to, well, escape. 

No longer generically themed, Escape Rooms have had a mind-blowing evolution. Now full of tantalising full-blown storylines and action adventures, what are you waiting for? 

Come along for the ride, and see the interesting facts we have picked up along the way!

1. Rarely just a ‘room’

Now that over a decade has passed since the very first Escape Room opened its doors, they have evolved.

Once comprising a single room, Escape Rooms have come a long way. Themes, elaborate set designs, as well as multiple spaces within themes, have changed the face of the concept forever.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

Securing yourself a stellar team before you even begin could gain you the win.

Having a mix of smart people in your team is going to serve you well. They need to pack different kinds of smart! So, call on your artist friend, the salesman, the writer, and the tech head.

You are more likely to beat the Escape Room if you have people that can work well together. If you’ve got that one friend who needs to be the centre of attention, it may be worth leaving them at home.

3. It’s ok to split up the dream team

The easiest way to cover the most ground and collect information is to divide and conquer.

Don’t waste time as a team trying to solve one puzzle. You have a whole room of clues to get your heads around.

4. You don’t have to max out 

All Escape Rooms have a maximum team size. You don’t have to fill it!

Aiming for 50-75% of the maximum capacity will give your team:

  • Space – more room to roam 
  • Plenty for everyone to work on
  • More “aha” moments
  • Opportunity to get everyone up to speed with the problem solving

Essentially, you will discover more with a smaller team.

5. You don’t have to dress up!

Why put pressure on yourself?

Escape Rooms are designed to be interactive and tactile. Moving around is going to happen. 

So, dress comfortably and wear comfy shoes. You might be doing some crawling before the night’s out.

6. Clues are there for the taking

Games Masters are part of the Escape Room experience. You may think that they are there to make the game harder, or add to the stress, alas, no!

Oddly enough, you can talk to the Games Master. If you are stuck, you can even ask for a clue!

7. Escape Rooms aren’t impossible!

Let’s get this straight. Escape Rooms exist to give you a worthwhile and fun experience. They want to leave you feeling powerful, even if you lose.

So, don’t overthink it.

Most of the time, the most straightforward answer is probably the correct one.

8. It’s ok to lose

Common fact, everyone likes to win.

But, it is possible to lose an Escape Room. When a whole concept is built around life and learning skills, not everyone is going to cross the finish line in 60 minutes. 

Don’t feel defeated though. If anything you’ll feel fired up for the challenge of your next Escape Room.

Practice makes perfect.

9. Every Escape Room is different

With thousands of Escape Rooms in hundreds of countries, no one room is the same. How could they be?

Culture and philosophy dictate the terms. Although some games may have a common theme – a pyramid or a train heist, for example, they are all unique.

10. Not everything moves or opens

Nothing in an Escape Room is there by accident.

Everything has a purpose, history, or a clue to solve. However, not all the props can be picked up or moved. If it won’t budge, it’s probably because you need to leave it alone!

Are you feeling ready to take on an Escape Room? Well, what better way to don your Sherlock hat than to join in this global craze. Adventure awaits!

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