Props, Puzzles & Players – Why Are Escape Rooms So Exciting?

Without the intricate artwork, props and cunning puzzles, an Escape Room is simply a room. Take away the players, and the whole thing ceases to be. Fill it with complex riddles, tricky logic puzzles and thematic props straight out of a decade long gone, and the magic comes alive.

Close the door, set the timer, and the excitement truly begins. 

You see, an Escape Room is more than its parts alone. It’s a collaborative experience that takes the player out of their comfort zone and into a world that is oddly familiar and yet set apart from what you fully know and understand. 

Want to know why Escape Rooms are so exciting? Read on!

Atmospheric masterpieces!

Lovingly created with the player in mind, an Escape Room is bursting with unique stories that echo real-life events. Everything from the character names to the era-appropriate music, decor and well-sourced props scream authenticity. The game is crafted to fit the storyline. It takes you out of your everyday experience and crashlands you into an atmospheric masterpiece!

All great Escape Rooms have been lovingly created to give you the player the ultimate experience. One that will stay with you beyond the final minute of the game. So whether you are trying to solve a wrongly accused prisoner of a crime or steal the crown jewels, each prop and puzzle reflects the game’s intricacy. 

So take in the smallest details. Not only are they pivotal to your game success, but you can truly admire the pure workmanship of an Escape Room artist. 

The thrill of the chase

If you have never attempted an Escape Room, you are truly missing out. As soon as the time starts ticking, your adrenaline kicks into gear. The game is afoot, and there is a case to be solved. 

From the moment you set eyes on the task at hand to scrambling around on your hands and knees to find the final clue, nothing else matters.

The beauty of an Escape Room is that you can leave your life at the door. All the stress from work, the argument you had with a spouse or the letter you just read no longer matter. At least for an hour or so. When you are in a game, your focus is solely on the end goal: to escape the room and come out victorious!

There is little else that compares to the thrill of the chase, and a well-designed Escape Room truly embodies that feeling.

There’s no “I” in team

Whatever the size of your team, it is nigh on impossible to not bring the best out of eachother in an Escape Room. Some of you may be the problem-solving kings of the office or the storytelling queen, but whatever’s your jam, you can put your skills to the test in the fast-paced game. 

As we’ve mentioned before, the player experience is at the heart of the best Escape Rooms around. Led by player intuition, attention to detail and pure comradery, will either be the making or breaking of your experience.

Tap into your team’s skillset

Find out who the leader is, and who the supporting players are. The last time I played an Escape Room with my beau, we witnessed a fluidity within our gameplay. Where he would peak with his logic, my understanding of themes and tropes would cut through his guesswork. 

Together, our Sherlock and Watson zoomed in on different aspects of the game that brought out skills neither of us knew we had at the beginning! So, be sure to work together to get the most out of any game you play. 

Unlocking puzzles and clues

Nothing is impossible to crack in an Escape Room. The whole idea is to make you think, to access logic and problem-solving skills that have otherwise gone untested in the real world. Despite the intricate designs of an Escape Room, the puzzles and riddles aren’t as tricky as they might first appear. 

Look over each room with care. Notice patterns, numerals etched onto the side of books, hidden drawers and keys. Leave no area unchecked. 

When you get to each puzzle, think about what you have seen already. Was there a theme running throughout the posters on the wall? Does the torn page at your feet belong to one of the books on the shelf?

Everything has a place and a reason. So use your time, your team and your skills wisely. 

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your next escape? Nothing compares to the excitement and thrill of an Escape Room. What are you waiting for? Get your next adventure booked in! One thing’s for sure – you won’t regret it!