Escape Room Fails – How to Avoid These Common Mistakes

Finally, caught on to the Escape Room hype? 

With Escape Rooms popping up in most major cities around the world, they are undeniably one of the coolest global crazes. 

Launched out of Kyoto in 2007, the phenomenon and lure of the Escape Room have captured millions of minds and hearts. 

The UK alone has over 1,500 for you to choose from. 

You aim to escape in the 60 precious minutes you are given. So, how do people often fail? 

Let’s take a look at the eight most common mistakes people make. Better still, let’s see if you can avoid them!

1. Sharing is caring

It is often said that teamwork makes the dream work, and the same can be said for the Escape Room.

Escape Rooms are built to be fun, interactive and most importantly, to be solved. Sharing your discoveries, conclusions and information to your team effectively, is a winning strategy. If you stay silent or miss the opportunity, say goodbye to victory.

Going solo may cost you and your team valuable insight.

Time is not on your side in an Escape Room. So, be kind to your team. Information is power.

2. Variety

Building a diverse team with differing talents is a surefire for success.

Maths teachers, writers, programmers, salespeople, and your masseuse friend all have amazing abilities. A natural talent for problem-solving, seeing patterns and creating a narrative are all excellent traits to have in your team.

Got any friends that crave being the centre of attention? It might be worth leaving them at home.

3. Family feud

Leave any negativity behind you when the door snaps shut. There is no time in an Escape Room to bring family or friend dramas with you.

Focus on the task at hand. You have precious time, and any distraction may make you miss vital clues. Plus, being stressed or irritated may make you emotional. Crying on the verge of a deadline is not pretty.

The world still awaits you on the outside. So, engage in adventure mode.

4. I don’t have enough information! 

All Escape Rooms are built using logic. Regardless of concept, theme or storyline, there is always a solution.

Missing vital clues, or not entirely solving a puzzle may cost you later down the line. If this happens, the best strategy is to go back on yourselves.

Start by defining what you need to break the codes you see, and then retrace your steps. Look around for what you have missed. It’s probably right in front of you!

5. Overlooking the Games Master

Before you step foot into an Escape Room, you are greeted by your Games Master. Now, pay attention. Listen to what they have to say.

Mission brief. It’s the very outline of what you are about to experience.

Beating the Escape Room is down to you. What information you choose to accept, and which you choose to ignore. 

But, remember, Escape Rooms are time-critical. Pay attention from the start!

6. Have a blast!

Enrich your life experience. Have fun! That’s what Escape Rooms are all about.

Yes, they are built around mystery and intrigue, but Escape Rooms are fundamentally joyful places.

Find humour in your experience. Plus, if you give in to the fun, you are more likely to succeed. 

Don’t get worked up about winning or losing. 

If anything, you’ll be more game to try your hand at an Escape Room again. By that time, you’ll be a professional escape artist.

7. Hands off!

Moving clues around is a big no-no.

Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, Escape Rooms may lean on a specific order. So moving props, riddles and clues around may lose you the game.

Files, book pages, and clocks may have crucial information that you need. Analysing a room before you touch anything will help you in the long run.

8. Have a strategy

Communication, teamwork and cooperation are essential core elements to an Escape Room.

Talking to your friends, family and colleagues about how you want to tackle a room is a good start.

Splitting up will allow you to cover more ground, and may save you time later on. Working together may help to solve the more tricky puzzles – especially if crucial information is missing.

Above all else, enjoy! Escape Rooms are a thrilling, wild ride that can bring out the best in us all.

So, what are you waiting for? What will be your next Escape Room challenge?