End-of-term excitement with our festive-themed escapes

Christmas is getting ever closer. This means that schools will be breaking up for the end of the term within just a few short weeks! We know, where has this year gone? When you look back and reflect we hope that you and your family have been able to have a year filled with both fun and exciting memories. Why should the end of the year be any different? The upcoming school holidays are a great time to treat the kids to a festive-themed surprise.

Here at Exciting Escapes, we have decked out our venues to ensure the festive spirit is flowing and joyous. We would love to be considered a part of your celebratory plans over this Christmas period. Here’s how you can be sure that your end-of-term plans will be both magical and exciting…

Christmas Events for the entire family

Why not book you and your children onto one of our extra special ‘Christmas Events’? Here you can choose the number of adventures you get up to. As well as have the option to add food and drinks to your visit. Exciting Escapes love to play host, so why not bring the whole family along now? Now that term time is going you can go all out with your plans. You could even make it a great festive family reunion. Our Chrismas Events are suitable for parties with up to 40 people! Plus we have multiple options when it comes to our Christmas Events.

Christmas Event Option One: 

The entire family, up to 40 people, can all enjoy an hour’s adventure together in our festive-themed escape experiences. This experience is proposed to last approximately 90 minutes which allows you to create additional plans before or after your exciting escape. Alternatively, if you are thinking of making a night of it as the kids will be off school… 

Christmas Event Option Two: 

You can treat the entire family to two exciting adventures. The visit is expected to last approximately 3 hours with additional food and drinks available to add to your festive adventure. 

It is entirely up to you, your exciting experience can be customisable to your gameplay preferences. You can book a smaller group for our Christmas Event option one if it’s just an adventure for you and the kids.  If grandparents, distant relatives or even your children’s friends are all coming along then option two might be more suitable; no rushing around but plenty of fun! 

End-of-term family party with an exciting twist

Whether you are looking for a full-out Christmas-themed party experience or a children’s friendly end-of-term celebration; we have plenty of options to ensure your visit is everything you hoped it to be and beyond! If you would like to have a big party for children and all of their school friends then we have party booking available across all four of our exciting locations. Every location has games suitable for children of all ages. We also have games designed for two teams to go head to head for a friendly bit of competition. If this is something you think the kids would enjoy then give us a call as we can help get that arranged for you.

This time of year is ideal for creating new memories with loved ones. But it can be difficult to incorporate Christmas into your plans; but not at exciting escapes. We enjoy Christmas parties, dressing up and festive decorations so you can be sure that a half-term visit to one of our exciting escapes will certainly be a family affair to remember! 

It doesn’t always have to be Christmas themed to be exciting! 

Don’t think that if you come to our escape locations you have to have a Christmas-themed party or visit; we can cater for children’s birthday parties as well as be mindful that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Your visit can be as festive as you want it to be.  If you are coming with your family to celebrate a different holiday or tradition then we aim to accommodate you in any way we can. We’ve said it before but we do love to play host, but only when we know that we’ve been able to go the extra mile to ensure your entire party is completely happy with their escape experience.

We are not opposed to you dressing festive!

We are more than happy for you and your kids to get as into the festive spirit as you wish. If that means Christmas jumpers or full-out dressing up then (so long as it’s appropriate) it’s welcome. If it helps get your family into the festive spirit. Or add more Christmassy vibes to your experience then by all means get those matching family jumpers on! You will all look so festive in your team photo; that could even be next year’s Christmas card design. Alternatively, your family game photo. That could be a great memento to hang on the wall to remind you all year long of your extra special Christmas escape! 

Who knows, this might spark a new festive tradition that gets ever special every year… 

Christmas events, private venue hire and parties should be booked soon to avoid disappointment or limited options on games or dates. If you are interred in booking our Christmas event or hosting your party at one of our escape locations then we advise you to give us a call to check availability as well as make any necessary additional arrangements. Book today to secure your end-of-term visit.