Escape Rooms And Positive Mental Health

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Mental health is often mistaken for weakness or lack of self-control. You can often feel like you are losing your mind. 

To this day, there is a stigma attached to our mental health. Is it good, or is it bad? What are you worth?

Unrealistic mental health problems are often used as plot devices in film and TV. Adding to your sense of failure, as you are not living up to the world’s expectation.

With this in mind, everyone has come across mental health problems. Anxiety and depression are universal human experiences. 

Let’s make this crystal clear: you are not alone in your suffering. 

You may be wondering how Escape Rooms fit into all this?

We have put together some extraordinary features of the Escape Room that can help encourage positive mental health. 

So come this way, and step across the threshold and see what Escape Rooms can offer you.

Feel Connected

Realising that we need to care for our mental health is fundamental to our everyday survival.

Building relationships can be difficult for some people. Finding a way to come together in a neutral place can often be the answer.

Escape Rooms are designed for team participation – anywhere from 2 – 8 people depending on the venue. With 60 minutes on the clock, Escape Rooms allow you to get to know people and build bonds in a quick amount of time.

Encouraging you to move beyond your comfort zone, Escape Rooms are great for engaging with people. You need to talk about what you are experiencing and utilise your skills. It’s the only way you can solve the task set out before you.

Not only have you just attempted an Escape Room, but you have also connected with a group of people in an incredibly unique way. Lasting friendships are born in Escape Rooms. 

Celebrating Difference

Navigating through life, you can often lose your sense of self, and struggle with identity. Finding strategies to cope, it can all seem that little bit more overwhelming.

Escape Rooms are a celebration of the mind and what it can do. With the variety of puzzles and games on offer, personal strengths have a natural way of finding their way to the surface. 

So whether you know your gifts, or they are long forgotten, an Escape Room will help you find them again. 

Our brains all work in amazingly different ways, after all. In an Escape Room, you may be the critical link to solving the trickiest clue.


Setting a goal is fundamental to the success of an Escape Room. You may need to find an ancient manuscript, or decipher hieroglyphics, or crack a code to escape a room. 

You have 60 minutes on the clock.

Having a clear objective forces you to focus beyond the problem. Motivating yourself, as well as your teammates, becomes a natural phenomenon within an Escape Room. You will find yourself to be an effective member of the team and encouraged by the things you can achieve.  

Think Outside the Box

Escape Rooms are perfect for immersing you into something so familiar, and yet they are entirely out of this world.

Puzzles, riddles and clues have been designed to push you to think beyond your everyday thinking.

Challenging your brain to think in ways you haven’t even considered before, Escape Rooms are food for the soul. What’s more, figuring out seemingly impossible scenarios will make you feel empowered and more confident. 

Emerge a Hero

Nothing makes us feel better than winning. 

Now you can’t always beat an Escape Room, but the sense of achievement when your 60 minutes are up is exhilarating. 

The harsh reality of life is that we often find ourselves restricted by our circumstances. Or even that what the world has to offer is limited. Escape Rooms turn that concept on its head.

Leaving an Escape Room amid victory or a loss, you feel a hero. After all, you have just achieved something that is on another level to normal. You tackle difficult situations in the Escape Room and leave any fears behind. 

Food for thought

With mental health at the forefront of most people’s lives, why not take a chance on an Escape Room experience?

Make lasting connections, and find a part of yourself that has been waiting to come out.

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