Escape Rooms: What to Expect on Your First Adventure

Your mates have told you that you are going on an adventure, and it just so happens that you are booked into an Escape Room experience. 

But, what does that actually mean?

Escape rooms have their origins in the human need to solve mysteries, Japanese find the object games, and well, The Crystal Maze. Escape Rooms have become a firm hit all around the world. They play into our deepest desires to be removed from the rub of daily life. 

With over 1,500 Escape Rooms in the UK alone, you are about to be swept up in the wonderful global craze. 

We’ve put together a rough guide on what to expect on your maiden Escape Room voyage.

Doorway to Another World

Rooted in fantasy, but with real-world elements to keep you in check, Escape Rooms are a thrilling adventure.

Yes, the ultimate goal is to escape the room in 60 minutes, but Escape Rooms are so much more than that.

Most Escape Rooms base their whole premise around a theme. You may walk into a train heist, a hotel room, or even an Egyptian tomb. At first, you may get caught up in your surroundings, but focus, you are in a game! 

Prepare to use Brain Power!

Escape Rooms are crafted with the player in mind. 

Not made to be impossible, or stressful, they are immersive and a once in a lifetime experience. Unless you get the itch, and you find yourself wanting to do more and more!

Creative thinking, discovery, observation, investigation and exploration are all central to an Escape Room. Challenging its players to use logic, and have fun in the process.

Taking in all the elements of the room, you have to think outside the box. Your problem-solving skills will be strengthened by the time you complete an Escape Room. 

With your thinking put to the test, you will become more focused and efficient, which is great to bring into the outside world. 

Don’t Dawdle

Entering an Escape Room, you need to work with a sense of urgency. Don’t think for a second that 60 minutes is a lot of time. It’s really not.

Stay ahead of the game by utilising every second you have. Having 5 minutes left on the clock, and a pile of unsolved clues is more stress than it’s worth. 

Stuck on a clue? Need a hint?

Asking for help from the Games Master if you are stuck is not a sign of weakness or cheating. You are allowed. If getting a hint is what scores you a win, then take it. Think of how great you and your team are going to feel when you exit the room!

Leave Your Fears at the Door

Escape Rooms have this incredible ability to bring the best out of people.

Something that may at first seem unimaginable, or impossible to solve, isn’t beyond your abilities. Any self-doubt, or fears you may have on entering an Escape Room, let go of it straight away. 

Instead, get ready to enjoy yourself. Be prepared to push your brain beyond its limits. 

Know Your Skills

Or at least, be aware of them!

Being part of a diverse team is a sure-fire way to dominate in an Escape Room. Each puzzle, game and clue has been designed with different abilities in mind.

The engineer may handle the mechanical puzzle, the teacher may crack the code, and the writer may see clues in a plot that no-one else can get their head around!

Struggling to solve all the clues, change your mindset. Think about narrative and plot devices. You may just reign as the Sherlock of the day!

Come Together

Logically you may want to work with your teammates at every single clue. However, well-designed Escape Rooms are often a bit crafty. Evidence is usually spread throughout the room, so you may not all be able to huddle around the same clue.

So, when your buddy calls you over to look at something, don’t all rush in to get a good look. It may cost you the game. 

Talking through each of the clues with your team is a good strategy. Coming together with your discoveries will undoubtedly strengthen your endgame. 

Get ready!

Knocking on the door of your first Escape Room? Need a little nudge to get you going? Well, nothing can stop you now! 

With incredible Escape Rooms around the UK, which one will be your first adventure?