Escape Rooms: The Gamer’s Game

Whiling away the hours in your favourite RPG may be one of the only things that get you through your day, but there are great news friends, you can take your gaming experience to the next level with an Escape Room. 

From the apocalyptic Resident Evil to the iconic Tomb Raider series, discovering hidden rooms and clues have turned these pop culture gems into some of the best-loved games of all time. 

Rewind to 2012 and the age of the Escape Room was born. No longer did you have to sit in front of your screen, but you could experience all the things you love about gaming just down the road. 

Live-action, immersive Escape Rooms have changed the face of the gaming scene. But why are Escape Rooms the gamer’s game? Let’s find out!

Places you in the heart of the action

First-person actioners might be your jam, but physically experiencing a live-action, immersive Escape Room allows you to become the “character.” No longer do you have to sit back outside of the game, but instead, you get to be the one uncovering mysteries by your own hand. 

What’s more, you can even dress the part. Whether you have a rummage in the Escape Room costume vault or embrace the outfits through the decades, you can become whoever you want to be.

You get all the adrenaline buzzing adventure while navigating your way through the twists and turns as the story unfolds. The difference, you’re completely in control of what you do next. But not unlike a video game, there’s still a “puppet master,” aka the Games Master, who you can rely on for extra hints and clues. 

You can challenge your friends in the real world

While powering up and going head to head online may be your usual weekend or nighttime activity, there’s nothing like challenging your friends to beat the clock in a Live Escape Room game. With no “pause” or “restart” button to rely on, you have to rely on your skill set alone to make your escape!

Whether you work as a co-operative or you’re pitched against your friends in a race against time in one of our “head-to-head” games, the pressure is on to be the fastest and most precise investigator. Do you have what it takes?

Choose your mission

One of the best things about gaming is that you get to choose your mission. Whether you’re taking on the Rapture in Bioshock or trying to save the galaxy in Mass Effect, fulfilling each part of the story is all part of what makes you come back again and again. 

Enter the Escape Room. Before you step into the Game Master’s lair (well, office!), you get to select your mission. You can delve into the dark depths of a secret medical facility, eliminate the threat before the clock strikes twelve in ‘Millenium Meltdown,’ or go on a space espionage adventure. 

From uncovering undisclosed secrets to thwarting Cold War operatives or pulling off the greatest train heist, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Transported into another world

Bursting with authentic props, paraphernalia and with an ambient (occasionally groovy) soundtrack to boot, you’ll find yourself transported into another world. Every unique mission is designed to feel like the real deal. 

You could find yourself behind bars in a prison cell, a shady 1970s detective’s office, or a decadent 1920s music hall. From high tech props and wizardry to the finer details of a bygone era, stepping through an Escape Room door is like stepping through time itself. 

Refer to your game guide!

Sometimes a map or a hint is essential to help you get to the next stage of your game. Whether you’re on a remote island in Farcry, navigating the darkened passages of Silent Hill, or you’re tossing a coin to The Witcher, getting lost in an expansive world can be the undoing of all your progress. 

But, you are never alone in an Escape Room. Your Games Master is always watching. Although that sounds slightly sinister on the surface, think of your Games Master as your personal field or game guide. From giving you the lowdown of what to expect from your mission to giving you hints and tips in-game, they are always on hand throughout your adventure. 

After all, Escape Rooms are meant to be challenging but still solvable and, of course, fun!

Behind closed doors

Breaking down social barriers and learning how to be confident in a room full of people isn’t easy. While you may feel comfortable chatting away with your virtual friends on Twitch or other channels, just the idea of having to speak to people face to face might leave you with sweaty palms and a drumming heart. 

But, never fear. Escape Rooms are the perfect way to cast away your social woes and get you chatting without a filter. With no time to waste, you’ll naturally come out of your shell, and Escape Rooms really are a say what you see kind of deal – especially if you want to win!

From quickly learning how to communicate better, problem solves and crack the case wide open, you’ll discover new things and skills about yourself before your hours up. 

A game full of surprises

While coming face to face with Pyramid Head or respawning at your original starting point may feel like a surprise, you quickly learn what to expect in a video game. But an Escape Room comes with real-life surprises that a typical RPG doesn’t offer. 

Throughout your Escape Room mission, you will come across new challenges that make you think and make you have to focus. Whether you need to use logic, creative thinking or problem solving, staying focused is your ticket to beating any game. 

Escape Rooms transport you back through time. They are challenging, engaging, fully immersive and often take you out of your comfort zone. If you’re a serious gamer, then this is one game that you can’t live without! What mission will be your first? Check out our 21 authentic games and see if you’re up for the challenge!