Why Escape Rooms Are The Perfect Winter Activity

Shorter days and long, cosy nights might be the staple of winter here in the UK, but hibernating until spring just isn’t an option! With all the festive festivities, New Year and the long burn through January to come, finding a worthwhile experience to keep you going is a must. 

Whether you need an excuse to get together with your friends, want a unique first date or simply want to spend some quality time with your family, playing an Escape Room together is perhaps one of the most worthwhile things you’ll do this season. 

Full of adventure, thrilling mysteries and a whole host of puzzles to solve, here’s why Escape Rooms are the perfect winter activity:

Come inside and stay away from the chill

Winter in the UK can be bleak, to say the least. Unforgiving storms can quickly follow frosty mornings and crisp air before you’re bombarded with enough rain to make you never want to leave the house again! 

Fortunately, Escape Rooms are a welcome escape from the chill. With temperature-controlled rooms, and enough adrenaline-pumped adventure to make you forget about the world outside, you can enjoy the respite within one of our unforgettable games. 

So when outdoor activities are limited due to poor weather, or you simply want to do something a little less ordinary, see if you can race against the clock and solve the case, mystery or pull off a heist before your time’s up!

A welcome gathering

Getting the whole family, your friends, loved ones or work colleagues together during the winter months is a challenge in itself. While many of us reserve the bigger family gatherings for Christmas Day, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the season to bring the band together. What better way to do that than challenging yourselves to a game. 

Designed with style, substance and centred around all the thrills and fun you can have in sixty minutes, each of our fully immersive games will not only leave you with lasting memories, but you’ll feel closer together as a result. 

When you’re “locked” in a room, dungeon, train carriage, spaceship control centre, you name it, there comes a time when you have to let your hair down. You have to say what you see, listen closely to what your teammates are saying and the sounds of the room itself. You also need to keep tabs on clues, solve puzzles efficiently and effectively play detective. 

No matter how well you do in your game, you’ll be bonded with your fellow team members and can take your skills and experience back with you into the outside world. 

Perfect date night

Date options during the winter months are bare at the best of times unless you want to go down the traditional route of a meal, movie or a walk around the park. While all those things are good, they’re not particularly imaginative. 

That’s where Escape Rooms excel. Whether it’s a first date, blind date, spouse date or your final date, you’ll undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your companion. 

Up against the clock, there is little time for small talk. Instead, you have to be bold and confident in the things you say, even if you’re wrong. You get to see how your other half performs under pressure, how they think and what’s more, you’re in it together. 

There is no room for feeling embarrassed or unsure of each other – there’s only one primary goal, and that’s to escape. If there’s no spark between you, you’ll quickly find out! 

Memorable experience

In the midst of the Cold War, tensions are rising. Governments are feeling the pressure, and spies are running rife behind closed doors. That’s where you come in. Alongside your fellow detectives, you need to prevent intelligence from being leaked and find the evidence to convict your captured spy before time runs out.  

Or, you might have stepped back in time to the roaring 1920s, where criminality runs rife through the streets of Portsmouth. Or you need to uncover dark and sinister secrets from a secret government medical facility that has fallen silent. 

Failing that, you’ve boarded a spaceship in 2050, where you have to confront sabotage, a sinister plot and join forces with an unscrupulous operative. 

Wherever your next Escape Room takes you, from the frivolity of the golden age of sea voyage to the cramped, dark spaces hidden in a 1930s detective office, you won’t forget your time in a game any time soon! In fact, it’s likely that you’ll want to come back, again and again, to take on bigger, bolder and perhaps creepier challenges. 

What’s more, you can get fully into character! Either you can have a rummage in our costume closet or come decked in all your era-inspired finery. Just remember, some games are more physical than others. You wouldn’t want to wreck your best shirt or break a heel after all!

You can play more than one game

The beauty of playing one of our Escape Games is that there are 21 authentic, unique, live-action experiences to choose from across five locations. Ranging from space-age fantasy to art deco meets Peaky Blinders, digital warfare and unmasking devious plots, you can while away the weekend throughout the decades. 

If you’re feeling particularly competitive, you can go head to head in one of our “paired” rooms. Perfect for putting your skills to the test against your friends. Or engage “Big Brother Game Mode,” where you watch one play one mode against your work colleagues. From smaller intimate games to battling it out against another team, there’s something for everyone. 

From the gamers to the newbies, team building parties to the first dates, you can turn your next adventure into a day-long activity. 

Christmas parties, evenings out and rainy days no longer have to be boring. If you’re ready to come out of hibernation this winter, then make your escape in one of our authentic, action-packed Escape Rooms. Which game will you choose next?