Fan of The Crystal Maze? You’re Sure to Love Escape Rooms!

If you watch The Crystal Maze, you’ll know just how familiar the format is to a live escape room.

Both types of experiences share the fact that a team of people are briefed on their mission. They then have to work together to solve the puzzles and problems within. The host remains available to provide clues from time to time, as the clock ticks away in the background.

However, there are some things that both The Crystal Maze and escape rooms don’t share in common. Unlike The Crystal Maze, where only one member of the team is guided in the background by others, escape rooms allow everyone to work together towards a common goal. Add to the fact that escape rooms are also shorter, and less complicated, and you have an activity that everyone can get involved in.

Escape Rooms & The Crystal Maze Both Require Skill & Ability To Crack Puzzles

If you take part in an escape room, you’ll need to exercise skills in memory to solve brainteasers and puzzles. You’ll need to use problem-solving skills to navigate mazes and progress through rooms, and the physical ability to navigate obstacles.

Hand-eye coordination, dexterity and accuracy are other vital skills when taking part in escape rooms. Again, all these skills can be witnessed on The Crystal Maze too.

What you won’t experience however is being locked in the room, or having to collect 100 golden tickets to win a final prize. With escape rooms, you are free to leave at any time, and the whole experience is based on having fun rather than the desire to win something.

Some Of The Themes Used On The Crystal Maze Are Similar To Our Escape Rooms

The futuristic zone featured on The Crystal Maze is very much like the ‘Spies in Space’ room at our Southampton escape room. You and your team must join forces with a local operative of the Intelligence Services to investigate potential sabotage imminent on the British ship HMSS Shirley.

If you’re a fan of the industrial zone on The Crystal Maze, you’re bound to love ‘The Voices We Hear’ at Portsmouth. Here, you’ll get the chance to uncover some dark secrets of an 80s secret government medical research facility. You may also like ‘Millennium Meltdown’ when you race against the clock to find Millennium bug threats which MI5 failed to discover.

There are lots of other themes to choose from across all our escape rooms. From retrieving top-secret documents from a church in 1941 before a bomb explodes to gathering evidence from a police station to stop a corrupt detective inspector passing intel to foreign powers.

We have a range of experiences available at all of our escape rooms. Choose from escape rooms in Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke or Croydon. You and your party are bound to find something you’ll all enjoy.

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