Why you should host an escape room birthday party

By 30th June 2021 No Comments

Nothing says lasting memories like an epic birthday party! You’ve got the guests lined up, a few sneaky presents up your sleeve, but figuring out how to make the actual event extra special has left you stumped. 

Enter the escape room. Bursting with all the adrenaline-pumping action you could possibly want, with a range of fun puzzles to solve and a plot so thick with intrigue, it’s just waiting for you and your party to crack the case! If you wanted memorable, you’ve got it. 

Whether you’re stepping into a detective’s shoes, pulling off a train heist or recovering the crown jewels, there’s a world of possibility just waiting for you to enter. Why should you host an escape room party? Well, you’re about to find out!

Fun for all ages

Bursting to the seems with all levels of fun, skill and let’s face it, excitement, an escape room birthday party is the perfect activity for all ages. Not only are you immersed in adventure and discovery, but the real-world game aspect takes any party to the next level. 

Step into a 1920s speakeasy, try and unlock a Victorian England jail cell or diffuse a WWII bomb before it explodes! All within 60 minutes. That’s one full hour of teamwork, laughs and an experience you won’t forget any time soon. 

Whether you’re good at spotting patterns, cracking codes or simply reading a brief, there’s something for everyone’s skills. You might even discover something about yourselves that you didn’t know before like how good you are at communicating or listening. Whatever your skill set, there is a place for you in an escape room. 

Everyone gets to be the hero in the story

We all have our favourite stories that shape our lives. You know the ones. 

The magic and wonder of Peter Pan as he has swashbuckling adventures in a world where no-one can grow old. Or the enigma and mystery of Sherlock Holmes, as he and Watson reveal hidden truths and facts hidden in plain sight. Or perhaps the whimsical tale of Alice finding her way through Wonderland. 

Whatever the story, there is always an enduring hero. One that sees what others cannot, defies expectations and comes out on top with just a minute to spare. 

Now its time for you to be part of that story. With the help of era-sourced props and sounds to the language of your task itself, an escape room is your chance to become the hero. Not a bad birthday party to host if you ask us! 

Memories that will last a lifetime

Fast-paced, otherworldly and full of adventure, there’s no way your escape room party will be forgotten. While you’re all locked in the game, you and your teammates will learn how to trust each other like never before, how to communicate well and discover new things about each other along the way. 

The whole aim of an escape room is to bring the whole band together, solve clues and you’ve guessed it, complete the mission. What makes it unique, is that, unlike your classic birthday party, you are all experiencing the same thing as a unit. 

Whether you uncover a treacherous plot, solve a murder at the movies or find a stash of gold, you’ll leave the game feeling closer to your team than before you stepped into your game master’s office. 

A rewarding challenge

Every year we are equally burdened and blessed with age. Another year, another birthday party. Unlike traditional birthday parties, cinema trips and awkward dinners, an escape room is not boring! 

You can expect a plethora of exciting and challenging puzzles to solve, a quirky games master on the end of the phone and a bonding experience that will bring you closer to your loved ones. 

At first, you might feel overwhelmed by your surroundings. But take a moment, and let the scene sink in. Escape rooms are designed to be solved. Part of the reward is discovering new things about your team, but its also the satisfaction of piecing together evidence and making sense of a scattered puzzle. 

Then there’s the ultimate prize: cracking the case and stepping back into the 21st century when you are done. What better birthday gift is there, than celebrating victory with your friends and loved ones!

Birthday parties are not meant to be boring. They are supposed to be memorable, fun and above all, full of celebration. What better way to see in another age milestone than enjoying a unique adventure with your friends? We’re in, are you?