5 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Great For Kids

It’s a well-known fact that escape rooms provide the perfect activity for family outings or for groups of friends to get together. Did you know they are also ideal for kids activities such as school trips?

As well as being a fun and unique activity for your students, escape rooms can also be highly educational. They develop essential key skills within your students like team working, problem-solving and communication.

They can even provide engagement into certain parts of the curriculum, such as history and world war one and two.

Here are five of the educational benefits of an escape room for kids.

You may never have considered an escape room for your next school trip, however, there are many reasons to do so. Escape rooms can help:

Develop critical thinking and decision making skills

Escape rooms aren’t designed to be easy or completed quickly. For students to successfully crack the puzzles, they must think critically and make important decisions to move through the stages. Therefore, escape rooms are an ideal activity for improving problem-solving and critical thinking within your students.

Encourage teamwork and communication

In many cases, groups which attend escape rooms attempt to split up so that each individual can work on one part of the problem. This approach tends not to work. Instead, the group must work together to make the challenge quicker and easier to solve.

The beauty of escape rooms is that it even allows the most reserved of students to get fully involved and work towards one collective goal.

Enhance skills in Maths and English

Believe it or not, going to an escape room for your next school trip can be brilliant for developing your student’s Maths and English skills. This is because many puzzles involve things like word puzzles, or calculating number codes for padlocks using things like long multiplication.

Escape rooms even provide opportunities for students to practice handwriting skills as they note things down on the boards provided.

Make learning more engaging and exciting

It is a fact that students tend to retain information and enjoy learning more through hands-on activities rather than being in the classroom listening to the teacher talking. Therefore, an escape room provides the perfect opportunity for your students to engage with something interactive, fun and skill-building.

Promote interest in multiple areas of the curriculum

Many escape rooms are great at supporting subjects within the national curriculum to promote interest amongst students. Just some of the topics that students can discover through escape rooms include things like world war one and two. Or perhaps the cold war, science and space, or specific periods like art deco throughout the 1920s.

So, for an educational experience that your students may never forget, consider choosing one of your local escape rooms for your next school trip activity.

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