It’s All In The Detail – Spotting Clues In An Escape Room

Spotting clues in an escape room

Hercule Poirot had an eye for finding the devil in the details. Sharp, witty and curious, Poirot could see what others could not – the mystery unfolding before his eyes. 

Now it’s your turn. 

Codes are hidden in plain sight, clues are within your reach, but where do you start? 

Spotting clues in an Escape Room isn’t rocket science. It does, however, require you to think outside the box. An Escape Room is not designed to be easy. It is a welcome challenge to anyone wanting to push themselves. Plus, it’s one heck of a ride!

Here are some helpful hints to get you started:

The adventure begins

Now that you have locked away your belongings, parted with your mobile phone and listened to your Games Master, your game has begun. 

And then it happens. You enter another world. Oddly familiar, but also incredibly different. As you adjust to your surroundings your mind is all over the place. 


Remember your brief. Read the information that has been left for you in the room, and away you go! Scan the room immediately. Look for anything obvious that you can move or touch. What stands out? What does not? Is it relevant?

Intentional objects

Never forget that an Escape Room is a game, and it is one that you can win. No-one is out to trick you. Do expect to be challenged! 

Some objects will be dotted around the room. Some will be vitally important to your quest, and others will not. 

Make sure to read through every written piece of evidence you find as it will act as a guide.

For instance, you know you are looking for a vital piece of information that connects your suspect to the murder. You know that it is a weapon of some kind, and it has a mark inscribed on its side. So, why are you so focused on the poster on the wall?

Look for what is intentional and connects to the story. 

Location, location, location

Chances are you are staring at a map. Before you decide anything, look at it carefully. Are there any discernible patterns? 

If the answer is no, you need to find something to help you solve the problem. Look for objects that could be placed over the map – a frame with a pattern etched into the panel, or a compass and string. Whatever it is, think logically.

If it’s not easy to find, log it for later. You know you need to read the map somehow!

Like a moth to the flame

Light and darkness are favourite Escape Room tropes. A lamp or a spotlight literally highlight an area or object, whereas, darkness is a perfect hiding place. 

So be inquisitive. Let the light direct you! A torch or a lamp may be left on a table, or near a darkened corner – use them! Turn on the torch, tap the switch! 

Where there is darkness, there could be a black light waiting for you. Sneaky but fun, invisible ink can be used to reveal dark secrets that can aid you in your case. Also, darkness has an odd effect on people, and it adds to the hype! Let the adrenaline pump and see what you discover. 

The missing link

A toppled book may be the hot ticket to you solving the puzzle! Look for the anomalies in the room. If something looks odd, examine it. 

It may be that there is a code waiting to be discovered. Look at the spines of books – what do they say? Are there volume numbers? Anything penned onto the side? Books are an excellent way for your Games Master to keep you on your toes while giving you the information you need.

Missing pages or folded down pages are worth checking out too. 


Often when you have pulled the right components together for your puzzle, something will go bang! It’s probably a secret door finally being released. 

Now what? Well, go and check it out! 

When a new room or area is suddenly open to you, it means you are getting closer to getting all of your final pieces of evidence or clues together. Use what you have already found to determine how you view the next stage. 

Hey, presto! You’ve cracked it! 

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s the same for an Escape Room! So put on your detective hat and go and discover you’re next escape.

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