Puzzles You Might Find in an Escape Room Pt 4 – Light and Sound


Ambience can really create an atmosphere. 

Interactive and immersive, sound and light can reveal a lot about a game. Not only that, but it can also make you feel a certain way too. 

Clues are often hidden in a room’s soundscape. It’s not all about theme, after all!  

Light may draw your attention to something, or lead you in a particular direction. 

Building a fun and exciting environment for you to explore, Escape Rooms are masters of subtlety. So, let’s take a look at what you may find in your next game.

Background Sounds

Drip, drip, drip.

Hope you’re listening carefully! Anything from morse code, whispers and directional noise could be reaching your eardrums. 

As we keep reminding you, nothing is accidental in an Escape Room. 

Finding the source of a sound may lead you to a coded record player. Whispers, on the other hand, maybe telling you a game-changer of a clue. So make sure you are paying attention.

Darkness, my old friend

Notice a dark corridor or unlit corner? Go and take a look! 

As light works to draw your attention to an area, so does darkness. What better way to hide something! If your suspicious alarm goes off in your head, see if there’s a light source you can pick up like a torch.

Explore the dark area with your hands and feel around for things; you might just discover a key or a secret lock. Sometimes, there might even be a creepy tunnel for you to explore!

The Gramophone

Not just for the aesthetic of the game, gramophones or record players can often be part of your discovery. 

When the music plays, listen to the lyrics very carefully. It’s a perfect way for the game to hide clues, guiding you or setting out a riddle, take note of what you hear.

If your curiosity gets the better of you, and the record player doesn’t play music by itself, get a bit closer. It might just be that there is a shiny red button you have to press to get it going!

Discovering Blueprints

Got a crime to solve? Or a heist to plan? Take a look at those carefully laid out blueprints!

Lightboxes are a perfect way for an Escape Room to set up the blueprint challenge. 

So if you happen to encounter this conundrum, try laying the blueprints out on top of each other. Using the lightbox, you are likely to find some wonderfully hidden clues to brighten your gaming experience!

Invisible Ink

One of the overlapping brilliant puzzle ideas is the blacklight game. It involves logic, numbers and hidden-object puzzles under its Escape Room umbrella. 

So, when you lift the trunk lid or open the wardrobe lit by a blacklight – grab that bad boy by the hand and get searching. 

Blacklights are perfect for illuminating writing, symbols and even (fake) blood stains! Comb every surface and see what you can find. We’ll make an Inspector Poirot of you yet!

Monitors & Projectors

Light can work in a variety of ways, including lighting up the screens we so avidly watch. 

Symbols, patterns and codes can be projected onto the walls around you. 

Monitors can play short slices of film to reveal much-needed information. You may even encounter an old movie projector, with classic Super 8 style reel for you to whip into action. If this is the case, there will be a button on the side of the projector just waiting to be pressed.

Picture frames may have had 3D-style photos placed within them, that move with the light too. So take a good look at the details.

A Flick of the Switch

One of the Escape Rooms most mind-blowing ideas is the light switch. You’d think that flicking on a light switch would be the most obvious thing to a player, alas, no!

Why struggle to look around a dark room? Seeing is definitely going to help your experience more! So, don’t be fooled by the darkness, go and find a light. 

Plus, when you finally find the light switch, your game is going to get so much more exciting. Just think you might happen to come across a secret door or passageway!

Get ready to be amazed

Getting lost in a world of light and sound is an exciting and unusual experience. You definitely won’t forget it!

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