What is an Escape Room Games Master?

What is an Escape Room Games Master?

When you first step into an Escape Room office or foyer, you’ll meet the Games Master. Now they may certainly be dressed the part, have an air of intrigue about them, but what do they really do?

Well, first off, they have the BEST job in the world. While watching people take on challenging, occasionally frustrating scenarios in a Big Brother-esque kind of way, they root for each player all the way through each game. 

But more than that, the Games Master is the most vital component other than the players. They often work silently behind the scenes to ensure you have the adventure of your life. 

If you’ve ever wondered what an Escape Room Games Master is, then read on to discover some of our secrets:

First impressions count

First impressions always count whether this is your first time or your hundredth time at one of our Escape Rooms. From the moment the front door closes behind you to bursting out before the final minute of your game (or, after in some cases!), your whole experience is in the hands of your Games Master (GM). 

Like all great storytellers, the GM can take something seemingly ordinary and make it come alive in moments. 

The GM may be your in-game guide, a character within the story or outside the room helping you in your times of need. But while you rummage through evidence, stare at the intriguing puzzle on the wall or attempt to open a secret door, they are responsible for enhancing your game time experience. 

The GM may even add a few twists and turns to keep you on your toes for the wilder games!

The all-important brief

You’re pumping to get on with your game, but first things first, your super-friendly GM needs to brief you about what to expect and deliver a brief synopsis of the game you are about to play. 

After the all-important COVID-19 information has been delivered, it’s time to get started on your adventure. So sit back, relax and pay close attention to what they have to say. 

Not only are they delivering vital safety information and making it clear that if a prop or puzzle doesn’t budge, then don’t force it – it’s literally just there to add to the vibes of the room! But they will give you cryptic clues about what you are about to face. 

Now the GM will never give away spoilers, but they might reveal an important plot device or something interesting about a character that may lend dividends to your time in the room. 

Want to take your game to the next level? Then getting stuck in the costume wardrobe will give you the most immersive time in the room. Go on! Who will you be? Detective, 1920s gangster or even a ship’s commander? 

Let the games begin!

While you’re frantically searching the room next door, pulling out drawers and crawling under desks, the GM enters the Control Room – now the magic really begins!

Not only does the GM watch your every move, but they keep tabs on how well you’re doing and how attentive you are to the situation as a whole. But that’s not all. They will trigger certain game devices at the right time, throw in some clues and hints when needed and give you all the encouragement you need to make it to the end. 

You see, the GM is invested in your enjoyment. If they can see that you and your team are falling apart at the seams, need a boost or are simply too excited, to the point stuff is getting broken, they will intervene. 

A psychologist by day, Games Master by night. 

No two teams are the same

Unsurprisingly, no two teams are ever the same, so the GM needs to adapt and tailor the Escape Room experience for everyone who steps through the door. 

While some teams will enjoy all the bants and have a good laugh, others will be far more serious about the task they are about to undertake. Some may even have a series of nerves bubbling under the surface, just waiting to be let loose!

Your GM will know each game inside out. From having insider knowledge of how each puzzle works to the room’s quirks, they know it all. And then there’s you, the player. While you’re not a puzzle to solve or a code to crack, you are integral to each game’s success as much as all the props and the GM themselves. 

An immersive experience

The best Escape Rooms are the ones that appear to run seamlessly. Every prop, puzzle, special effect and hidden features all work well from start to finish – until they don’t.

Remember your super knowledgable GM, who knows the ins and outs of the game you’re running? Well, guess what? If something breaks or stops working, they will stealthily sneak in, solve the issue and get back to the Control Room without you even noticing. They are that good!

The final debrief

One way or another, you and your team are coming out of the room in one piece – whether you’ve beaten the game or not. With the adrenaline pumping and the fun of the room still in mind, you’re likely going to finish your game on a high. Your GM will want to feel that excitement too, and they’ll be with you in that joy until you’re well gone.

After all, being greeted by a flat personality after all that fun would likely bring you down – and the best GM’s around are not down for that! 

Once you’ve got your team photo, glanced over the scoreboard and returned any borrowed costumes, the GM will bid you farewell and reset the game to do it all again! 

Games Masters are champions of mystery, psychology and know when to have a good laugh. They are the movers and shakers of the Escape Room industry. Without them, our games wouldn’t function and be the incredibly immersive and memorable experiences that we all know and love. Are you ready to book your next adventure?

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