8 Escape Room Myths Debunked

Escape Room Myths Debunked

Escape Rooms are a worldwide phenomenon. They are jam-packed with adventure, intrigue, and adrenaline-pumping fun. But more than that, they are challenging and designed to keep you on your toes as you discover hidden clues, solve puzzles and ultimately make your escape. 

Rooted in mystery, it’s no surprise that the concept has earned numerous myths and untruths over the years. Unless you’ve already stepped over the threshold and come face to face with a Games Master, newbie players don’t really know what they are getting themselves into. 

Here we’ve exposed the truth and debunked 8 common escape room myths:

Myth #1: Escape Rooms are scary

While some games, such as our own ‘The Voices We Hear’, contain scary elements, with a few shocks and turns, most Escape Room stories aren’t scary at all. Plus, you get a complete synopsis of what to expect before you book a game. So if they aren’t appropriate for certain age groups, you’ll know ahead of time. 

All Escape Rooms are designed to give you, the player, the most fun experience. They all have to adhere to strict safety standards to operate, which in turn creates the best environment for you and your friends and family to enjoy. 

Yes, horror-themed Escape Rooms exist. But, you are in complete control of what story you play when you book. So check out customer reviews, look at your chosen locations website, and get an idea of what your experience will be like. 

Myth #2: You’re on your own


Escape Rooms are designed to be enjoyable. While you are given a limited time of 60 minutes (traditionally!), the uninitiated among us may think that they will be left to their own devices if they get stuck on a particular element of a game. 

Enter the Games Master (GM). 

Throughout your entire game, your GM will be watching from the Control Room. They will be making sure that you are having fun, and that your team is working well together. While all that’s going on, they will be looking out for warning signs of you finding something too challenging and are on hand to give you hints and clues along the way. 

Whether you pick up a phone, use an intercom or speak directly into a camera, there is always an in-game way of talking to your GM and asking for help. 

Myth #3: I’m locked in

Probably the most common misconception! 

Do you want to know a secret? You are never really locked into an Escape Room. Not really. 

Remember those strict safety measures we mentioned above? Well, within those measures, there has to be a clear fire exit route for one, but also a way out of the room. The idea of being locked in is purely a concept. It’s all part of the story and the experience as a whole. 

Myth #4: Not for kids


Escape Rooms are a family-friendly adventure! While kids under 10 years old may struggle with some concepts, you know your child better than anyone. So if you think they can take on the challenge, and come out smiling at the end after spending quality time with you, then don’t let us stop you! 

Myth #5: Too difficult

Escape Rooms are challenging; that much is true. But they aren’t designed to be unsolvable. 

You don’t need any pre-existing knowledge before you step into a game. Nor do you need to know anything about the theme, engineering, or be the best problem solver to figure your way out. 

No matter what game you play, the most important thing for you to experience is fun! The themes, puzzles, codes, and general mystery is all there to make it as fully immersive as possible. 

Yes, you will need to use specific skills to breakout. But these are mostly ordinary things you already possess, such as talking to one another, speaking aloud your thoughts and piecing bits of information together. Nothing is beyond you in an Escape Room! So don’t sweat it!

Myth #6: Bigger teams are better than smaller ones

Size really doesn’t matter in an Escape Room. Both small and large groups equally struggle and succeed. 

What really matters is the quality of teamwork. It’s how well you communicate your ideas, divvy up tasks and manage your time. 

So if you see something speak up! Figured out what a clue means or cracked a code, share your findings with your team. A leader will naturally emerge, and then the real fun begins! 

Myth #7: Time is up, but I can’t complete the game

Racing against the clock adds to the sense of excitement and builds pressure so that you can meet your end goal within the strict time limit. But what happens if your time is up and you haven’t managed to make your escape?

Well, first off, you’ll never be asked to leave a room unfinished. That choice is yours if you want to complete the game. Equally, if you want to throw in the towel, you are welcome to leave and try again another time should you wish. 

Giving you a time limit does several things that fuel the game. It makes sure that your team remains focused and immediately get stuck in, without dilly-dallying in the process. But it also makes the end goal more manageable. After all, each minute in the room is precious – so use them wisely!

Throughout the game, your GM will give you regular updates of how much time you have left and give you hints and clues if you are falling too far behind. 

Myth #8: You can’t take your date to an Escape Room

What? No! 

Escape Rooms are the perfect date activity. Whether it’s your first time alone together or you want to make date night more special for your spouse, tackling a game together will bring you closer together and learn new things about eachother. 

What’s more, there will be no more room for awkward chit chat over dinner. Instead, you can relive your glorious victory or how close you came to beating the room. You might even score a second date! 

There you have it, 8 Escape Room myths busted! Where will your next adventure take you? 

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