How To Think On Your Feet In An Escape Room

By 31st August 2020 No Comments

Time is escaping you, there are still crucial pieces of evidence to find, and you are struggling to pull all of the clues together. 

You want to beat the Escape Room. You are so close. 

Time, however, is not on your side. 

Thinking on your feet in an Escape Room is as essential as it is to solve the mystery. Both co-exist together to get the answers you need. 

But, how do you think on your feet in an Escape Room? Here are our thoughts:

Hit the button

When you first set foot in an Escape Room, instinct kicks in. It’s an odd sensation, but you know that you have a task with a time limit. So, use that feeling!

Look closely at the room – take it all in. You will notice an area that may be lit up, or even in darkness. What’s your first thought? If you see a torch, grab it! See a switch, press it. Find a hidden hole under a frame? Is there something you need to get out of there?

Thinking on your feet is as simple as letting yourself be drawn into the game and using the tools you have been given. 

Lose yourself in the plot

Every game has a story, and you are about to step into it. 

Listen to your Games Master! What are they telling you? Is there an incarcerated detective who needs his name cleared? Or a heist that you need to pull off? What year is it?

When you see the room, there will be apparent trademarks of the decade – touch them, turn them over and open them if you can. There may be a hidden key or an artefact that you need. 

A typewriter may indicate you need to find a piece of evidence that reveals a code. It may be a characters initials, a date or a place name. There may be a drawer that needs opening. Seek out the key. Use your intuition! 

Pay attention to what the character of the story is telling you. It may be the only way you can beat the room. At the same time, don’t feel like you need to stay still while listening – multitasking is fine! In fact, it’s encouraged!

Three’s a crowd

Often thinking on your feet is best when you are trying to figure out something on your own. So, divide and conquer! 

You may be a logic champion, and your talent is suited to problem-solving. Your teammates, on the other hand, may be better suited to looking at the whole picture and pulling out the critical information to solve the mystery. 

Utilising your collective brainpower will give you the optimal chance of beating an Escape Room. Never forget that you are part of a team though. Communicating everything you see may not seem important, but you might just notice the right thing!

Lay it all out

Finding evidence is one thing, but being able to pull out all the relevant information you need is another. So, lay it all out in front of you. That way you can order your clues, highlight what you need and not miss anything out. 

Escape Rooms aren’t designed to catch you out. They are, however, there to challenge you. So, why make it harder on yourself! 

Listen, carefully

Escape Rooms are never silent. You will always hear the background music, voices and sound effects. Some of them are just to set the mood and create an atmosphere. Don’t be complacent though. Clues can be hidden in the lyrics of a song, or the direction they are coming from.

Exploring your room led by the music can open up a whole new ball game. Failing that, it may be your Game Master subtly telling you how much time is left. So, don’t get hung up on it, but certainly, pay attention! 

Lost your way

If you feel like something isn’t making sense, or you need a clue to get you back on track, call your Games Master. There’s nothing like being on the edge of solving a mystery than getting overwhelmed by your circumstances. Breathe, make the call and get your thoughts in order. 

Everything about an Escape Room is tailored for you to think on your feet. From the moment you step into your game, to finding evidence or clues and then pulling everything together, you need to have your wits about you. Want to solve the mystery? Come and find your next game!