Puzzles You Might Find In An Escape Room Pt 2 – Numbers

Anyone that has ever tackled an Escape Room will tell you that they are a one of a kind experience. Intriguing, adventurous and fun, it’s easy to fall in love with the game.

Within an Escape Room, the game designer will be a silent genius. Never seen or heard from, except for the mastery they have left you to explore. 

Numbers are often used to make you use your brain! Anything from having to solve a riddle, crack a code or find a date, numbers are an Escape Room designers dream!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what number puzzles you may experience along your Escape Room journey.

Maps & Codes

Escape Rooms love you to get involved, so naturally one of the most interactive puzzles on offer is when you have to map out numbers. Joining your points together will reveal a code or a riddle for you to solve.

Fully embracing all of your team’s brainpower and organisation skills, you will receive a series of dots ot points for you to connect. 

A map and a pen, or a grid and a string will be your likely tools. 

Following all the directions you find, you will be left with a word, a number pattern, or a code for a lock.

Secret Messages

History has often created this romanticised story of secret societies or lovers sending secret messages to each other via code. So naturally, Escape Room designers are big fans of code breaking puzzles!

Having to decipher a hidden number sequence to crack a lock may be the puzzle you have to solve. 

Players will be presented with the encoded message and a cypher (to decode the sequence). 

Keeping an eye out for hidden numbers or sequences in the room may just be the cypher you need to get you to the next stage of the game. Make sure you check photos, paintings and anything that may have numbers on. It might just win you the game!

The Classic Maths Puzzle

Cleverly crafted and often not as tricky as you think, the maths puzzle is not out to hurt you! 

Solving the Sudoku puzzle on the wall may unlock your next clue, or even get you into another room. Having a basic knowledge of how some of these puzzles work pre-game would be an advantage to you. 

Practice makes perfect, after all.

Crafty Crossword

Ever struggled to achieve a complete crossword? Well, now’s your lucky day! You are going to nail this one!

Piecing together evidence and clues you find in the room is a challenge in itself. However, using the information around you, solving a crossword may be your chance for victory.

Sometimes in an Escape Room, you have to confront some seemingly impossible tasks. But, remembering that everything is solvable will help you on your quest. No more so than the crossword! You’ve got this!

Pythagorem’s Theorem & Other Equations

Science and ultimately, the world has been changed through our understanding of equations. The Ancient Greeks gave us great foundations in our knowledge, and now the baton has finally made its way to the Escape Room designers hands. 

Knowledge is power, after all.

Equation puzzles are an excellent place for hiding clues and solutions. Symbols and mathematical signs may be littered around a text or a painting, cleverly hidden in plain sight. 

Nothing is by accident in an Escape Room. So, take note of every symbol and sign that you see. It’s incredibly likely that they will come in handy for solving your next puzzle!

Know Your Timeline

Chances are before stepping into an Escape Room you are familiar with how a timeline works. Easy for a designer to slip one of these into your game!

Taking note of the details on a timeline, i.e. dates, durations of time and events, may help you piece together a clue. 

A year of an event may give you a 5-digit code. Or, using simple addition you may have to bring together multiple dates to get your answer. 

Either way, a timeline can hide cryptic clues or lead you to your next searching place for more!

The bottom line

Whatever puzzles you are greeted within an Escape Room, try not to overthink it! Numbers have been ingrained in us all since our schooldays! So, let’s put them to use.

Are you up for the challenge?