Puzzles You Might Find In An Escape Room Pt 1 – Logic

Mystery, adventure and some of the world’s most mind-bending puzzles are found within an Escape Room’s walls. 

Timeless, captivating and intriguing, logic puzzles are often the hook line and sinker of the game. Making you reach for the parts of your brain that have been dormant for so long, logic puzzles add to the thrill of the escape. 

Logic often outweighs knowledge on your path to solving the game. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the logic puzzles you may find in your next Escape Room.

Notice Repeated Themes

Everything within an Escape Room is purposeful. The hidden details are what is crucial to you solving the room. 

Take time to notice.

Are the books alphabetical on the shelf? Why are there red bows in the paintings?

If you do spot something that looks unusual, it’s probably significant to you solving a clue. So, take note!

It May Not be as Obvious as You Think

Allowing yourself to think outside the box, and question the clues around you will help you on your adventure. 

When trying to solve a riddle or a puzzle, take into consideration theme, patterns and positioning. Coming to an obvious conclusion is not necessarily going to unlock your next clue.

Be ready to question the things in front of you.

Mysterious Symbols

Trying to crack a code may be hindered if you haven’t collected all the information you need. 

Symbols are another mystery of the room. Try matching them to the puzzle you are trying to solve. Try and see their significance and meaning. 

Find the Correct Order

After scanning your Escape Room, you may start piecing together some of the clues. Finding objects that correlate or belong together may help you with your logic solving quest.

Items may need to be ordered according to their number, date, or words. 

A newspaper clipping may need rearranging for you to piece together vital information. Or you may have a selection of photos with the occupants named – you may need to arrange them alphabetically to fit in with the narrative.

Look Out for a Magnifying Glass

If you happen to spot an open book or a map with a magnifying glass nearby, use it! The likelihood is that you need to decipher minute text or spot a tiny pattern on its pages. 

Whatever the clue is, use the tools you are given to solve them. 

Guiding Light

You may find yourself stumbling or crawling through a dark tunnel or room. A black-light may be the only thing you can see so pick it up. Explore the walls with it, and see what information has been scribed on the surfaces around you.

It may reveal to you hidden locks or written riddles for you to solve.

Whatever you do, shine the light everywhere. Leave no space untouched by the light!

It’s All About the Little Things

Having your wits about you in an Escape Room is the difference between triumph and defeat. Escape Rooms like to challenge their players. 

Small details will be littered with precision for you to find. 

Reading and scanning purposefully placed documents may help you to solve the murder you are investigating. Finding a book with the page numbers ripped out may reveal to you a code to unlock something. 

Noticing the dates inscribed on the bottom of the five paintings in the room may require you to think in ways you haven’t needed to for a while. The dates may need to be placed in order or may point to a much bigger clue. 

You Don’t Have to be a Sudoku Master

Knowing how puzzles work is always going to be an advantage in an Escape Room. But, if you encounter something new that you’ve never seen before, just remember, logic always wins. 

Pay close attention to the rules of the puzzle at hand, and call in a teammate if you need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look. 

Escape Rooms are always designed with the player in mind, so don’t overthink it. When you think you’ve cracked it, you probably have!

Ready to play?

Logic puzzles are so intrinsic to the human experience that it’s only natural that they have helped shape the Escape Room. 

With your arsenal of logic tips under your belt, what’s stopping you from booking into your next Escape Room?