Improving Communication: How Escape Rooms Boost Your Skills

One thing for sure, you don’t stand a chance in an Escape Room if you aren’t willing to speak to your teammates. Every mystery you uncover, and clue you find needs to be brought to your team’s attention.

Escape Rooms have this phenomenal ability to bring the best out of its players. 

You have to think outside the box and analyse, link ideas and concepts and even solve maths puzzles to boot. Your brain has to go to places it hasn’t often thought about, and the payoff is one of the most thrilling adventures you can experience. 

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Escape Rooms so great, let’s take a look at what they can offer your skillset!

There’s no “I” in team

Escape Rooms are as unique an experience you can get. Every team is different, and they are always made up of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and skills. Which, as you can imagine, leads to some exciting scenarios.

Enter the ticking clock.

The only feasible way of escaping an Escape Room is together with your team. So, leave your fears at the door. Any shyness you had before entering isn’t going to help you on your adventure. So, speak up!

Escape Rooms naturally boost your confidence. So articulating your thoughts, may score you the win. Ergo, your communicating skills are being tested to the limits. You’ll emerge as a more efficient communicator than when you entered. 

Problem Solving

Some skills in life are as natural as breathing; others you need to nurture. Problem-solving is one of those skills; it is something that you have to develop over time. Escape Rooms are a great way of exploring and practising this incredible life skill. 

Every puzzle, game and riddle you face requires you to think in unusual and often unique ways. 

Effective Escape Room players aren’t afraid to try alternative ways of thinking to solve the game. So not only do you harness your problem-solving skills, you get to have fun with your team in the process.

Coordinate to victory!

Escape Rooms have this fantastic way of making you have to use your body to figure out clues and puzzles. 

Spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination are shown to be improved within an Escape Room. You can’t just put an electrical circuit together, or untangle a knot without your excellent motor skills in action! 

Essentially, your senses have to work a bit harder within an Escape Room. You become more aware of what’s around you, and your focus becomes clearer. 

Let’s get physical 

Balance, running, walking and jumping are all part of your gross motor skills. Some Escape Rooms require you to crawl through tunnels, climb up walls, and even jump to a clue. You might be in a bank heist where you have to avoid lasers!

Escape Rooms will help you to hone your skills – they make you have to think about smart ways you can use your body to achieve your goal. 

Are you listening?

The ultimate goal of escaping and beating the Escape Room is set when you enter a game. Every barrier that holds you back from communicating with your team is forced to disappear quickly. 

You have to listen to each other. 

Escape Rooms are a great way of restoring broken relationships, releasing awkwardness and building up co-workers and families. 

Under Pressure

Every voice matters in an Escape Room. 

You can no longer keep your thoughts to yourself, as every clue and piece of information is crucial to your success. 

A genuine team effort is required, as is trust. 

Think of what will happen when you return to the outside world! Not only have you experienced the high stakes of a game, but you have also smashed a rigid timeline. What’s more – you did it together! 

If you have entered a game with your co-workers, you will exit as true friends. 

Improve your memory

One of the best ways to describe an Escape Room is to think of it as a workout for your brain. Not only do you have to recall information and link clues together to succeed, but you also have to explore a range of challenges, puzzle and riddles.

Memory capacity, as well as memory skills, are vastly improved within an Escape Room. So next time you complete sudoku or break a code with symbols, you are helping your memory skills. 

If you want to improve your communication skills, get yourself booked into an Escape Room. Think of all those skills you have waiting to be stretched and explored!