Swap this year’s Halloween party for a spooky escape room event

We all enjoy a good scare or two right; whilst at the same time still having fun with loved ones and even dressing up to add to the fun.  Halloween, in recent years, has become so much more than just a single-day celebration as people start decorating their homes as early as September and even begin planning their epic Halloween party months in advance. 

Here at Exciting Escapes, we can appreciate just how important creating new memories with your family and friends is. Still, we do believe that trying something new is a great way to keep the spooky celebration alive and interesting!

This Halloween, instead of throwing a party at your home for your loved ones, why not try something that leaves a lot more to the imagination? After all, you never know what to truly expect inside an escape room; which for a Halloween event – adds to the excitement. We can almost guarantee you’ll have a fright or two when locked inside one of our rooms but you’ll still never know what to expect until it’s too late… 

That is why we say hold off on the party this year instead bring it with you here:

Let us play host to your very own private escape party

No matter how much you enjoy Halloween, whether you a modest fan or deeply invested in the celebrations, everyone can appreciate a good spooky escape. 

The fact that Halloween is coming up adds to the appeal and excitement even more for many people and we can see why! A spooky escape, the fear of not knowing what lies behind the door all mixed with the thrill of working as a team to escape a ‘locked room’ just sounds like a Halloween enthusiast’s ultimate dream! We are more than happy to oblige and even host if you let us! 

Having all of your loved ones hyped up and ready for a hair-raising escape sounds like the perfect time to turn your outing into your very own private party; all hosted by us. Let us take care of any catering, pre-game set up and spooky decorations. All you’ll need to do is convince your family and friends to come along – we’re not that scary but the same might not be said for your games! 

All jokes aside, we’ll provide a fun experience and the only thing you’ll need to do is bring your nearest and dearest to enjoy the festive fun with. 

Everyone will have fun, even the Children

If Halloween is fun for adults, then you can imagine just how much children enjoy the holiday too. The good old days of trick or treating might be becoming a little redundant in today’s world but rest assured if your kids still want a place to have some spooky fun and dress up then bring them along for a family Halloween escape!

Dressing up in a costume only adds to the excitement as it can help bring a character to life; it’s important to let children feel free and have as much fun with their imaginations as they can. This is something we love to encourage in our escape rooms as they are in a safe yet creative space to be creative. Plus, any excuse to dress up scary and we’re all for it. We even host child-friendly parties here at Exciting Escapes because we know just how much fun they can be for the younger audience as well as for us adults. 

Now might be the perfect time to hand your child’s Halloween party over to us so we can give them an afternoon they’ll never want to forget. We offer many different children’s party packages to suit all budgets and party sizes; click on the tab ‘Kids Parties’ to find out more. 

We have so many gameplay options

If there is a double whammy and someone is celebrating a Halloween birthday then what a unique party that would be. An afternoon spend escaping one of our thrilling games, all dressed up in spooky outfits to then all be topped off with cake. That sounds like a winning combination to us! 

What’s more, if you were intending on planning a child-friendly visit but with adult players too then we can combine your experience so that everyone is playing a game suitable for their age; whilst all still being able to communicate and enjoy one another’s company. 

It’s entirely up to you and your family how you play, that’s why we offer so many gameplay options when booking; to give you the choice! Adults only, child-friendly or mixture and for however long you want (one game or two). Your experience is customisable to you and that is what makes it so special as well as memorable… 

It will be a Halloween you’ll never forget!

How much nicer does the thought of a Halloween-inspired escape spent having fun with your family sound over a hectic house party that spent longer to plan & clean up after than actually enjoying? It sounds like a no-brainer to us. 

What makes the whole experience that bit more special is the fact that you can remember just how happy you all were in the escape room with a nice team photo that you could be framed and hung on the wall. This way, not only will you and your loved ones never forget the special time you spent together but you can relive the fun every time a visitor points out your photo. 

You will be able to look back fondly on your Halloween escape as a happy memory back to a time when everyone was having fun and appreciated a well-needed bit of escapism from the real world. 

Excited yet? You should be, a Halloween escape room only happens once a year! 

With Halloween so soon, be sure to get BOOking your game right away to secure your spooky experience! This Halloween, give yourself a break from the party plans and treat your loved ones to an experience they’ll surely never forget. Costumes are welcome, the scarier the better!