Turn your Sunday into Funday

The days are flying by, work is nearly done for another week. It’s time to start thinking about the weekend plans. Your friends and family are all counting on you to provide new ideas for fun-filled activities for the weekend. So what suggestions do you come up with? Maybe you find the thought of a meal out or movie a little uninspiring with limitations on how much you will all be able to engage with one another. If that is the case, let us inspire you with an exciting idea of our own. 

Suitable for all ages, able to accommodate a large group of people, and something fun to do together that also keeps you out of the rain then why not consider a different kind of experience like an Escape Room?

Whether it be a mates date or a whole family affair, we’ve got the space to allow your entire group to have fun across our multiple escape room events in each of our four locations!  

Keep reading for our top reasons why an Escape Room event can turn your Sunday into the ultimate day of fun.

It’s a great day out for friends as well as for the family

If you and your friends are struggling to feel inspired about your upcoming weekend plans together, then it might be time to switch it up! You could surprise your friends with a spontaneous Sunday escape that nobody would have expected. All the more fun when it’s a surprise. 

Whether it’s just you and one other friend or you have arranged a full mate date meet-up (with over eight+ players) we have all the game options to suit any party size. We highly recommend our head-to-head games for larger friendship groups to see who can escape first. A little fun competition to keep things interesting! 

It’s an opportunity to create new memories together

It can be difficult to get all of your family or friends together at once, these days. Which can affect your relationships if you are not creating new memories together. Allow an exciting experience to come to your rescue. It’s a great setting to get all of your friends and family communicating with one another whilst still having plenty of fun!

Our escape rooms are going to get you all talking as you all try to solve puzzles and look for clues to escape our room as a team. Plus it’s will not be an experience you’re likely to forget any time soon but the complete opposite. Your family and friends will all be talking about your shared experience in an escape room for a long time. It’s a unique bonding experience that you can all look back on fondly together. 

The whole family is welcome 

Our games are built with the whole family in mind. Whilst we do base are games around players being for teens upwards we do still welcome younger players. Any families with children under the age of 10 should call us beforehand to find out how it can work for them.  

If you are planning a large family-reunion style experience then you can hire out multiple rooms inside our venue at once. This is a great idea if you’d like to compete in head-to-head games. Or take it in turns to play then observe how your family get on. 

All of our games specify, online, how many players can participate at once per game. If you are interested in head-to-head escapes or hiring multiple at once then these are requests we can best accommodate with bookings made in advance. 

Make it an all-day treat with our additional catering services

One of the last things you want to have to think about is how you will all eat. If you are spending a large chunk of your Sunday at one of our escape locations. We have catering options and facilities across all of our escape locations to make your Sunday as fun as possible. You can make the arrangements to have food prepared at the venue before or after your party have participated in our games. 

Please feel free to bring your own food for younger children and babies if they are coming along with you for the day. Once again you can call us in advance and we can make all of the preparations for your visit. Our way of ensuring your Sunday is focused on having fun and less about the logistics of getting everything arranged. 

Less Monday morning dread and more weekend fun! 

Sundays do not need to serve as a sad reminder that it’s, once again, nearly time to return to work or school. If you are tired of feeling as though you are not filling your weekends with enough family fun. Do not worry about the lack of bonding opportunities with friends. Take full advantage of our Sunday Funday offer now to get an additional 20% off your experience. All you need to do is get your whole party ready for some Sunday fun. And we will take care of the rest! All our exciting games, at all four of our locations, but discounted! 

You can return to work on Monday morning feeling content. Because you spent your weekend having fun with your loved ones; bonding and making new memories together.

Our Sunday Funday discount code SUNFUN02 can be applied for any Sunday games, across all of our locations, with a minimum of four players. We recommend booking online in advance so that you get a full selection of available games and time slots. We look forward to seeing you and your party at one of our Sunday Funday events soon! The weekends just got even more exciting…