Are Escape Rooms Suitable For Children?

Are Escape Rooms Suitable For Children?

Keeping the kids entertained during rainy weekends and never-ending school holidays is not for the fainthearted. From moody teenagers to unsettled tweens, keeping young minds stimulated is becoming more and more of a challenge despite the rapid growth of technology around us. 

That’s where Escape Rooms come in. Not only are they bursting with adventure, mind-boggling puzzles, and cases to solve, but they also offer a one-of-a-kind experience that will bring the whole family together. 

While you work together to beat the game, you can expect a bonding experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come! But, are Escape Rooms suitable for children? Let’s find out!

Younger children can be unpredictable

While we’re all keen to get the whole family involved, children below the age of 10 can be a bit more unpredictable. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to any rule, and some younger children will thrive in spotting hidden clues and taking on logic-based puzzles. 

Like all grownups, every child is different. While many children will struggle to grasp some of the trickier concepts of an Escape Room, there’s always that one kiddo who bucks the trend!

You will find that most Escape Rooms will accept children of all ages, but with a recommended minimum age of 10 years old for maximum engagement and understanding. However, Games Masters are well aware that you know your child better than anyone, and who are we to stand in the way of your child’s development!

A bonding experience like no other

Escape Rooms are the ultimate bonding experience. While your child might be a bit shy in front of strangers, they will well and truly find their voice during gameplay. What’s more, you will get to see how they figure things out under pressure, and just how good they are at spotting things in plain sight! 

While you may need to talk through parts of the game in more detail with your children involved, it’s a great way to build up confidence in the skills they do have. Together, you can tackle the mysteries of the room, crack tricky puzzles and discover hidden clues. There’s no other bonding experience like it!

Parents make great leaders

In any Escape Room, you quickly discover who the leaders are. You know the ones! They have a natural ability to share out tasks and keeping the whole team focused on the prize, all while maintaining a sense of calm in the face of chaos. While some of your kids may want to take the reigns, there’s a reason why you’re a parent. 

Escape Rooms not only test your logic skills and creative thinking, but they help you to discover skills that you never realised you possessed. 

As a parent, you are naturally your child’s constant, the one person they can rely on and look up to. With that in mind, think of all the potential your family has to build a strong, trust-filled, unstoppable team!

Children are incredibly capable

During the heat of a game, it’s easy to overlook your children’s capabilities. With the clock ticking and tensions rising to make your final escape, allowing your kids to make their own conclusions could crack the case much more quickly!

Children see the world very differently from you or me. They have grown up in a time where advancements in technology are more evolved than ever before, and their educational experience will undoubtedly look a lot different from your own. So the likelihood is, they will see pick up on subtle nuances within a game that you might not see at all.

Often, Games Masters observe how children pick up on answers to clues faster than their parents. So let their voices be heard too, no matter how close to the final minute you are!

Encourages maths and literacy skills

Developing your child’s maths and literacy skills beyond the classroom may be a challenge from the confines of your own home. But an Escape Room provides an interactive, immersive experience that utilises simple maths and literacy skills while providing an engaging team-building experience. 

While some puzzles may beyond your child’s current skill set, showing them how codes and puzzles work is an opening for greater understanding later on in life. Plus, you may be pleasantly surprised at how well your kiddo does! From solving sudokus to cracking a code with basic arithmetic, and figuring out morse code, there are plenty of opportunities for your child to advance their skills. 

Confidence building

Yes, your child may not fully engage with the whole Escape Room experience. Yes, they may struggle with some of the puzzles, and they may lose interest in the trickier subject matter. But. Escape Rooms are remarkably good at building confidence no matter how old you are. 

Escape rooms encourage:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Maths and literacy
  • Working under pressure
  • Time management
  • Trust
  • Allows all team players to find their own voice

Growing up in a world full of different personalities, skills and more is hard work. Finding a space where you can not only experience something special with the ones you love, all while having to be brave is empowering to any developing mind. 

Memorable experience

We all have those iconic moments from childhood that stay with us forever. Whether it’s spending time on the beach, trying something new with your friends, or lazy summer afternoons, most of them involve that sense of family. 

Escape Rooms are memorable. They provide an experience that thrusts you straight into another timeline. They push your imagination and skills to their limits, all while you put your trust in your team around you. 

For children (and let’s be honest, most adults!), an Escape Room is an opportunity to step out of this world. It’s where you can fully immerse yourself in a story, all while you have the time of your lives. You can even dress up for the part! That’s certainly not easy to forget!

Escape Rooms are where storytellers and logical minds thrive. It’s a place where the whole family can work together and learn new things about each other, all within 60 minutes. Are your ready to make memories to last a lifetime?

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