Escape Rooms: The Most Fun You Can Have in a Locked Room


Have you heard about the escape room boom that is taking over the UK (and the world)? There is no better way to enjoy an hour of fun and excitement than by heading to an escape room.

Just a few years ago, there were only a handful of escape rooms around. Now there are hundreds, which is proof of just how popular they are. And there is no sign of the boom end.

But what exactly are they? How do they work? And how can you get in on the action? All is explained below.

What Are Escape Rooms?

In a nutshell, escape rooms are specially designed rooms that you are ‘locked’ inside, and you then have to escape from. You’re not really locked in, and you can leave if you have to. But the aim is to escape by solving a series of puzzles and clues.

While that is the basic format, however, escape rooms have evolved.

There are now many rooms where instead of escaping, you need to solve a mystery in a set period of time.

But the idea is always that you have a set time period, which is usually 60 minutes, in which you have to either escape or solve a mystery.

Escape rooms also feature realistic decorations. When you enter the room, you may find yourself in a prison cell on Alcatraz, a pirate ship or even in space. They transport you to another world so you can really live the adventure.

How Do They Work?

Escape rooms work on the same basic principle. You will usually be in a team, and this can be as small as two people or as large as 14 or more. The average team size is between two and seven people.

You will usually have a guide. They will stay outside the room, but they will be able to see you via cameras and they can speak to you via a microphone. If you are struggling, they might give you a few hints to help you out.

You may watch a video at the start of the experience that explains the situation, the mystery and what you have to do. Then the clock starts ticking, and you have to start looking for clues and puzzles to solve.

How To Choose Your Next Escape Room

With so many escape rooms available, how should you choose your next one? There are a few things to look out for.

Reputation is important, so read some online reviews. Find one that has been around for a while and has a good reputation in the industry.

It’s fair to say that some escape rooms are better than others, and some of the best are the larger companies that operate escape rooms in multiple locations.

Hint: We have escape rooms in Southampton, Portsmouth, Croydon and Basingstoke.

They will often be the best because they have the experience and the knowledge required.

Each escape room operator will also have between one and several different rooms to choose from.

Take a look at what is available and choose one that stands out. You might be looking for something specific like a classic escape game or a mystery.

Some escape rooms are much more immersive because they have better decorations and props, as well as costumes you can dress up in. Everything that helps you to enjoy a more immersive experience and makes it more fun.

Also, consider your team size. Some escape rooms allow you to enter as a larger team, and if you want an escape room that caters for teams of 10 or more, you will have to choose one that has this option.

Go and Have Some Serious Fun!

Escape rooms are a fantastic form of entertainment for families, friends and work colleagues.

Whatever your age, wherever you live, you can book a session at an escape room and enjoy an hour of pure fun and excitement.

So start looking at the options near to where you live or work, and go and have yourself an adventure.

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