What is an Escape Room? A Look Behind the Scenes!

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what is an escape room

What is an Escape Room?

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A lot goes into what makes a room, an escape room. Every escape room company will have their own ideas on making their rooms unique, meaning you will never find two of the same room.

In your average escape room or escape game, between 6-12 people are locked in a themed and decorated room and have to find keys, decode clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the room before their time runs out. Usually, participants have between 30-75 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape!

The puzzles inside each room are all different but usually consist of logic conundrums, riddles, code-cracking and sometimes physical challenges. This new trend in live gaming stemmed from the growing  desire for “experiences” and harks back to TV shows like The Crystal Maze. It has quickly spread from Japan to China to the US and now, the UK.

You are Never ‘Locked’ in!


It’s important to note that while you are ‘locked’ in the room, you can withdraw from your experience at any time. Our escape rooms are designed to be enjoyed by everyone and ensuring your safety and comfort needs are met is our top priority.

What is an Escape Room Experience Like?

what is an escape room experience like

We have 16 escape rooms and nine unique escape room themes to choose from across Hampshire. Each room is designed to suit the mission at hand. For example, our Murder at the Movies room is designed to resemble a 1960s movie theatre and our Spies in Space mission is set on the spaceship, HMSS Shirley.

Your escape room experience will differ depending on the room you select.

We also offer the chance to go head-to-head against your team mates with our split rooms. You will compete against your friends and find out who can escape the room the fastest. Both rooms are identical, so there’s no excuses for the losing team!

The Key to Success is…

Teamwork! You and your team will need to combine your wits, speed creativity and patience to unravel clues and solve puzzles before the timer runs out. You will not need to take anything in with you, all items, clues and props are provided inside the room. Although our rooms can be completed on your own, we find it’s a far more enjoyable experience with a group.

Even if you don’t make it out in time, the escape room experience is designed to be a fun and memorable experience and you can always try your luck in another room!

Stepping into an Escape Room

Before you step into the room, you must choose the escape room you’d like to play. We have nine unique rooms to choose from across Hampshire, so you have a wide variety of themes to choose from.

You have full control over what room to play, maybe you fancy yourself a retro sleuth and code breaker? Or maybe your skills lie in repairing spaceships…

Wherever your talents lie, we guarantee that once you step through the door to your chosen escape room, you will be transported to an alternate reality. Each room is fitted with telephones and CCTV cameras, allowing our Games Masters to communicate and provide assistance whenever necessary. You may find that some clues are tough to crack, so listen out for that brrr-r-r-r-r-r-r-ing for a helping hand!

Take a look at our missions by viewing our Southampton, Basingstoke or Portsmouth pages.

why choose exciting escapes

What to Expect

We believe a true escape room experience should revolve around immersion and compelling storytelling. The combination of teamwork and problem solving encourages players to think on their feet and solve clues, riddles and challenges under pressure.

Why Choose Exciting Escapes?

We believe immersion is the key towards creating quality escape rooms. Much of our time goes into sourcing authentic props and creating engaging and rewarding challenges for players to test their skills on.

We provide immersive escape room challenges across Hampshire and we encourage all ages to come and experience our rooms in any one of our three main locations!

More Reasons to Choose Exciting Escapes!

A few more cool benefits that come with booking with us:

  • 16 Authentic Escape Rooms – Immerse yourself in one of our 16 escape rooms across Hampshire
  • Go Head-to-Head! – Go head-to-head against another team in our Cold War and Dark Deeds and Groceries rooms! This game mode uses two identical escape rooms
  • Big Brother Game Mode – Designed for team-building exercise, this game mode combines Big Brother with the Crystal Maze as you “watch one play one”
  • Large ‘Team Build’ Rooms – We encourage large groups to experience our challenges!
  • Free Momento – You and your team will be given a cool momento when you escape
  • Fancy Dress Wardrobe – Become the ultimate 1930s sleuth, channel your inner space cadet or choose any outfit from our colourful fancy dress wardrobe
  • Winning Time Fridge Magnet – Proudly parade your winning time with your new fridge magnet! Think you can do better? Try out another escape room next time!

So, what are you waiting for?


Explore our range of diverse and immersive escape rooms today and prove yourself the master escapist.

Booking a room is easy, simply click choose the location where you’d like to book your room (Southampton, Basingstoke or Portsmouth) and select your preferred escape room game!

See you soon…