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Escape Room Fails – How to Avoid These Common Mistakes

Finally, caught on to the Escape Room hype?  With Escape Rooms popping up in most major cities around the world, they are undeniably one of the coolest global crazes.  Launched out of Kyoto in 2007, the phenomenon and lure of the Escape Room have captured millions of minds and hearts.  The UK alone has over


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Escape Rooms

Did you know that not all Escape Rooms are based in one room? That although they seem impossible, you can actually win? With the Escape Room industry booming, few of us know what they are. We may be familiar with the concept, but what makes them so thrilling? What happens when you get inside?  Believe


Escape Room Designers Reveal Their Secrets

Mysterious, intriguing and thrilling are words often associated with Escape Rooms.  But, what is it that makes them so appealing? Why do we want to be locked in a room for 60 minutes?  With a high chance of losing an Escape Room, what is it that makes us want to win so badly? Now the


Escape Room Warmup – How Many of These Riddles Can You Solve?

Riddles are often the key to unlocking the Escape Room’s secrets. With sixty minutes on the clock and a determination to beat the room, solving a riddle, or a puzzle might be your best way out.  From the Egyptian tombs, you may come across a sphinx with a twist in its tail. Bursting onto the


Escape Rooms – The Perfect Family Activity

Unique, fresh and unusual, Escape Rooms have become a global phenomenon. People the world over are finding themselves thrown, head-first into mystery plots worthy of Hollywood and individual family members get to play leading roles. Pulling together to figure out the puzzle, building on your relationships and having heaps of fun are all reasons to


12 Escape Room Archetypes — Which Player Are You?

When it comes to picking a team for an escape room game, you might be tempted to stack the side with the best and the brightest and sidelining the problem-child. But no matter what type of players you have, finding the right task for each is the winning formula. Let’s look at some archetypal players


Answering the FAQs of Escape Rooms: Confidence Boost

While escape rooms are fun and exciting, the idea of tackling them can be daunting for those who may not have the personal confidence in their own abilities to participate easily. This article attempts to alleviate your fears and give you that confidence boost you need to conquer any anxieties and to enjoy your escape


Which is Better: Escape Rooms ‘In a Box’ or the Real Thing?

This can be a difficult question to answer. After all, people have different reasons for attending a live escape room or taking part in a similar experience at home. If it’s the end of the month, and you’re waiting to get paid, you may opt for an escape room in a box as a last-minute


Cluedo, Big Brother & Escape Rooms. What Do They Have in Common?

Cluedo is a famous murder mystery game which started off in the UK in 1949. The primary objective of the game is that a group of between three and six players have to work out who carried out a murder, where it took place and the weapon that was used. Each player attempts to solve


Fan of The Crystal Maze? You’re Sure to Love Escape Rooms!

If you watch The Crystal Maze, you’ll know just how familiar the format is to a live escape room. Both types of experiences share the fact that a team of people are briefed on their mission. They then have to work together to solve the puzzles and problems within. The host remains available to provide

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